Thursday, March 19, 2009

Superheroes in the Gallery

Quang is always bugging me how I don't really link to any artists on here. This is despite the fact that I have a personal bookmark list of artists I follow that could constitute a whole separate internet. So, today it's a bit of a two in one! Booooom! and a video on Aaron Noble.

I love Boooom! because they have a wide variety of artists doing different things, and it's always great to kinda get a chance to step back and take a look at artistic developments from a distance, rather than sifting through at the ground level trying to find a new tendency to explore.

Rainbow 6: Ground Boss, 22x30", gouache on watercolor paper
Aaron Noble, 2007

Aaron Noble is an artist my professor told me to look into last semester for my final drawing project, Pulp Fiction, in relation to the fact that I was looking at pop culture material and abstracting it. I see a lot of similarities in what I did with what he's doing, only he's way better at it, haha. Suffice it to say, I'm mad jealous of this guy. If I could be doing what he's doing, I would be so stoked. Ergo... I can't wait 'til summer so I can get down to a practice regime!

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  1. stoke, ergo, suffice...Stop speaking your street talk dawg. That abstract looks inspired by comics, which automatically makes it cool for me.