Saturday, January 24, 2009

Making Strange...

Now for something a little different. I happen to really like photography, so I've been taking it as a course alongside drawing. I feel like they inform each other, one being very objective with the other being more subjective. Good for training the eye.

For this project, we're supposed to Make Strange some photos, which is somewhat Constructivist. Hopefully these work, since I'm generally crap at abstract. I'm pretty literal in my thinking.

Each photo is 8 x 10 inches, and mildly Photoshop'd for color correction and contrast correction. I'm pretty happy with them.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

New Post, Old Product

Here's an example of the junk that floats around on my desk consistently, although this one is from the summer. I'm pretty happy with how the rooster head turned out, only downside is it took me longer than it should have because I spent the entire time chatting on MSN and watching TV while I did it... Blah...

The human head isn't that bad, although the skull is screwed up. I think I'll upload some of my other sketch papers. I tend to find them more interesting than final drawings, because they're rough and overlayed. Seems more genuine...

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Ah. That's how it's done. Sorry for the terrible quality, but I recently (read, yesterday) had to reformat my entire machine, so no Photoshop to color correct and a new digital camera make for wonky white balance. Oh well... Easier than film processing!

The work is untitled, and is roughly 4x5 feet in size. Ink on paper. Made for my advanced drawing class earlier this academic year.

EDIT: Boom! Color correction, yeah! Don't care about the slight flare in the corner, 'cause it's kinda late. Just made it clearer, so that way it doesn't look like I live by candlelight. I think I'm going to leave the previous one up, 'cause I just like to see the difference post-processing makes.