Saturday, February 21, 2009

Arthouse Blahs...

Our current photography project has a serious Cindy Sherman twist, with us having to recreate or explore genres / characters by creating 'fake film stills'. Can't say I was too thrilled with working on this project, mainly because A) I'm not big on Sherman-esque photos because they've been overdone, and B) it was required that I was in the photo which goes against my nature of not liking to be in my photos. So, the grinding is really just a matter of personal artistic vision, haha. I like narratives and setting scenes... Just don't expect me to be in them!

11" x 16" Digital Print

16" x 11" Digital Print

For my photos, I kinda amalgamated a couple genres into one, since I saw a lot of overlap. It's something of a combination of art-house and drama, looking at how the male is generally portrayed in these films as a passive, inward looking individual. Do I agree with this portrayal? Not really. But I do think it's interesting because it seems like a reversal of objectification, and I felt like playing with that. I kept the scenery bare in order to draw focus to the 'character' as well as create a minimalist motif. Also, I used a low-level noise filter to play up the art-house feel as well as make the images a little more punchy.

Here's hoping everybody likes my photos... I still need to make up a name for them. Preferably something non-emo.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

On Struggle...

These are documentation photos I took of my installation project I did for my 3rd Year drawing class. I had my critique yesterday, and I think it went pretty well, despite not being able to install in the room I had initially wanted.

Angels detail, 2.5'x5'
Demons detail, 2.5'x3'

I had an Angels and Demons thing going, which was something of an introspective work. I had initially planned on working with science and new age material, but I really wasn't feeling it. So, as I struggled with that idea for a while and as I got stressed out about it, and got busy with all my other work, it came from a desire to want to give form to the 'demons' that were bothering me. So, I wish there were more figures in the piece, but there are concessions that have to be made when you have a last-minute change of idea. I definitely dig this subject matter more.

Perspective view of the space created by the projection
View of how the projection was created

I held over my initial idea of wanting to work with light via projection. I liked the idea of creating an intangible presence that was vulnerable to people entering the space, which they had to do if they wanted to see the drawings of the demons. Unfortunately, the room wasn't as dark as I'd have liked, and the silver sharpies weren't as reflective as I had hoped, so there's a bit less luminosity on the pages. In a perfect situation, I'd have managed to conceal the projector somehow, because the light-leak is atrocious.

View of the Angels with the Gates projected on them
View of the Demons with the Gates projected through them

I was really interested in how nobody in my class responded to the religious subject matter, and only seemed to comment on the installation and the space itself. On the one hand, I had worried that the religious content would be somewhat over-powering so I was happy that nobody seemed to take issue with it, but on the other hand I was a little disappointed that nobody wanted to challenge me on it. I'm glad that the space was commented on, 'cause it means I'm doing something right!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

I never saw Pulp Fiction...

"Pop Fiction", 2 x 3 ft. native resolution, variable when projected. Digital drawing.

Was working with influences in pop culture, and seeing if it was possible to create something by warping various odds and ends. Some things are still recognizable in hints, others not so much. I like how it turned out. My installation room got stolen from me though on the day of my crit, so I ended up in a not-so-optimal setting. This was my independent project for my class, and I had a lot of fun. Was difficult getting the ball rolling, though.