Saturday, February 21, 2009

Arthouse Blahs...

Our current photography project has a serious Cindy Sherman twist, with us having to recreate or explore genres / characters by creating 'fake film stills'. Can't say I was too thrilled with working on this project, mainly because A) I'm not big on Sherman-esque photos because they've been overdone, and B) it was required that I was in the photo which goes against my nature of not liking to be in my photos. So, the grinding is really just a matter of personal artistic vision, haha. I like narratives and setting scenes... Just don't expect me to be in them!

11" x 16" Digital Print

16" x 11" Digital Print

For my photos, I kinda amalgamated a couple genres into one, since I saw a lot of overlap. It's something of a combination of art-house and drama, looking at how the male is generally portrayed in these films as a passive, inward looking individual. Do I agree with this portrayal? Not really. But I do think it's interesting because it seems like a reversal of objectification, and I felt like playing with that. I kept the scenery bare in order to draw focus to the 'character' as well as create a minimalist motif. Also, I used a low-level noise filter to play up the art-house feel as well as make the images a little more punchy.

Here's hoping everybody likes my photos... I still need to make up a name for them. Preferably something non-emo.


  1. why do you look like youre falling asleep in both of them.. i thought of a name for the first one. "tubboy" lawl

  2. To me the first one had the words "detox" jump to mind. The second one "What did I come in here to do again?" haha.